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 Mission template

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PostSubject: Mission template   Thu Jul 30, 2009 3:38 pm

mission title: [[Race];[Mission Title];[Rank] Ex: Topic Subject]

type: [Squad or special squad]

goal: [the goal of the mission]

mission description: [a creative description of your mission. mainly a description of what happened to lead to this mission, could be what happened to lead to the mission, could also be related to something that happened in the past. be creative.]

participants: [if squad write squad name here. if special squad write requested participants here.]

mission post count: [around how many post you will need to finish the mission.]

mission rank: [the rank of your mission. higher ranked missions will be less limited on the post count the type of mission]

special mission: any rank can have a special mission, though special missions are handed out by your race leader and given to people they think are worthy. (Once a month)
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Mission template
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