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 My Shinigami

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The Name Stealer

The Name Stealer

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PostSubject: My Shinigami   Wed Jul 29, 2009 2:20 am

Name:(Before Stolen)Kane Sarron (After Stolen) Duster


Race: Shinigami



Personality:Personality-Duster is a man who has taken his time to travel across many lands and therefore is rarely surprised, he is naturally calm and very docile but he is much stronger than he tends to let on, He was born in a time that was always in war when a man came to him and he took him up as his son, and now he has learned several things about magic, about the world of the Shinigami and he has also learned the repercussions of dealing with Dhampire and Lycan.


Background Information:History-As previously said he was trained by a man at an early age that taught him the ways of magic.This man left him when he was 12 after dying of a cancerous disease leaving him alone to keep after things.After a while he was bored of the normal life and he packed up his things in a special spellbound bag and headed out leaving no trace of the house or that there ever was one.After that he was tracking down a large being with a mask he had never seen before and found that there where some beings that could not be seen exept by people with a special spirit force within them which he utilized after tricking a shinigami into teaching him there ways learning there ways and eventually obtaining a blade that used a mixture of all his powers.Soon after he was out again and he decided he would travel to find if the rumors of Lycans and Dhampire(Half vampire) were true and to his misfortune he was attacked by a true vampire and was turned into a Vampire himself and in doing so the Vampire became trapped within him and he gained one of the things abilities allowing him to control metal without exerting any energy.Now he travels to see new sights and to explore what the world has to offer for him.
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PostSubject: Re: My Shinigami   Wed Jul 29, 2009 8:21 am

approved....just make sure that you follow the story line and do not over abuse the magic part...I am trying to keep this as close to bleach as possible.
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My Shinigami
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