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 Kuroi Danshingu Fenikkusu

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PostSubject: Kuroi Danshingu Fenikkusu   Tue Jul 28, 2009 2:02 pm

name: Kuroi Danshingu Fenikkusu


sealed state description:This blade has no sealed state

shikai description: This blade is a solid black bucther knife with a chain coming from its hilt, the blade is about 4 feet long and there is no knuckle guard hilt can be used with one or both hands due to it being one and one half feet in length, with the chain at the end

bankai description:The Bankai of this blade is turns it back into a katana compressing his reatisu within the blade and the compression can be used for enhanced speed and strength if he needs it, but a black gauntlet covers the entire left arm and more black armor is across his body, and darkness can spead making a talon like claws on my hands and it makes large wings and a pheonix tail and upon will can be set on fire

bankai name:Kuroi shouka Fennikusu

All forms
controls over fire and darkness

Doesn't exist

Songbird Rage Wave-This ability can be used without saying a single thing, it causes a musical sound to resonate from the blade and anyone who hears the song is suddenly overcome with rage(Does affect allies)

Songbird Blood Wave-With the sweep of his blade a black and red wave sweeps from the sword that if it even slightly touches something they are caused to bleed severely from that spot

Songbird Cry-This creates a large red wall and any who touch it catch fire

royale abilities: all of his physical features are increased (speed power reflexes what not)

Songbird Sacrifice-This ability can only be used when I have an ally and if I am already injured, I sacrifice some of my energy and blood to give an ally a temporary, but strong power boost, can only be used once per match.

Songbird Trap-This ability creates three close of you, if the opponent attacks the wrong one it explodes in a burst of either fire or darkness

Darkness manifestation: can create anything out of darkness.

Songbird Grasp-The chain on the hilt of the blade forms a claw at the end and can grasp onto an opponent causing a burning effect, the chain cannot be broken, but the grasp can be forced open with enough power


Pheonix Rebirth: summon a gaint black pheonix that is the very essence of fire and darkness it is capable of being reborn form his ashes

reactivated: the shikai powers are back but they are stronger faster etc. (doesn't have to say a word to activate)

Shadow reverence: He can control shadows the either immibolize his opponent or cut them.

Pheonix flames: his zanpaktou makes a expolsion that heals the SURFACE wounds but not the innner wounds

Pheonix sunburst: It manifest fire to circle around Soren making a it making expand keeps making at different angles causing cuts and burns to the opponent severly

songbird blood rain: sieraku fires a blood red blast into the sky and it rains down needles that expolde on concact (effect everyone)

darkness orb: effects kinda work like this he creates a orb that elimate almost senses besidestouch and smelland he can teleport throughout the darkness as well as see through it

Dark clones: can create clones that copy his abilites and when hit can make all the clones feel his pain except for when the clone is killed then they all do not die but the one just does but they all feel his pain

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PostSubject: Re: Kuroi Danshingu Fenikkusu   Tue Jul 28, 2009 2:12 pm

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Kuroi Danshingu Fenikkusu
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