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 My character Natsukii :]

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PostSubject: My character Natsukii :]   Mon Jul 27, 2009 7:13 pm

Natsuki Momoshi “Suki– Chan “
Age: 224 looks about 16
Gender : Female
Race: Shinigami

Hair: Blonde
Skin: White , slightly crème
Eyes: Prismatic , mostly appearing White and Red
Clothing: Outerwear : A Black leggings and white heels , with a Neutral dress with poufy sleeves And A Crown.
Shinigami : She wears A shortened skirt Shinigami outfit , extremely long sleeves , With a Red Ribbon on her neck as well atop her head .
Tattoo's/scars: NONE
Accessories: A Large Red Scarf but it is used as an Obi sash around her waist . Her Necklace was her mother’s and it was given to her before her first performance .

Past Life: SINGER / BALLET DANCER, Killed by a crazed fan shot through the chest and thrown into a garbage bin . The next day her manager called the police and told them she was missing. The garbage supervisor loaded the trash into his truck, he reported he saw an angel fall from the bin, and when he checked there was a bloody splotch and a necklace that was glowing with a white sheen . When the garbage supervisor, reported this they accused him of killing Natsuki and hiding her body . The garbage supervisor was ultimately sentenced to death. Natsuki still chained to her body watched as the killer laughed and remarked about his perfect murder, the fan got the body when the supervisor was unloading the truck and ran away. Natsuki eventually became weak and started to fade away , being unable to pass on to the afterlife because the fan’s obsession was so powerful it created a special bond with her soul , she learned to be able to channel her spiritual presence and control her own spiritual force . Natsuki managed to lift a knife across the room into the fan’s room and dropped it blade down on his throat , when she did this his bond with her soul broke and fully freed her from the fan’s grasp . Natsuki began to try to fun out but was forced back in by spell tags laid across the room.
The front door began to rattle and broke forth the garbage supervisor walked through the door. He then grabbed Natsuki and began to choke her. His face covered with blood and a partial mask, he began to go through the hollowfication process. Natsuki managed to slip of his grip and tried to run out the door. She tugged as hard as she could but was unable free herself from her chain. Suddenly the Garbage supervisor pulled on Natsuki’s chain and dragged her towards him, he shouted “YOU TOOK MY LIFE AWAY FROM ME! “. Then he attempted to consume her but she dodged and managed to flip back with her gymnast skills, instead the hollow bit her chain causing it to start to erode.
Suddenly, steps are heard from above then suddenly, a Redheaded Shinigami came in. “I’m Chihina Nagato of the 4th division, Step away from the soul ! “ Chihina then rushed at the hollow and stabbed him through the mask. “I shall free you, I show mercy to you “A light surrounded the Man and he reformed into his original self . “Thank you, Miss. Nagato “Chihina smiles and said “It is okay, I will make sure your family will be sent to your section in the Rukongai “. Then he was embraced by a white light and disappeared, Chihina saw from the corner of her eye a soul with her chain cut and being eroded. “Oh NO!” Chihina jumped forth and sent relinquished her soul, stopping the chain from continuing. “Oh My Dear, Barely made it before she was consumed. “ Chihina then sent her to the Rukongai to get numbered

Afterlife: As Natsuki was sent to the Rukongai she looked around, surprised by the beauty of the place . “Wow so much warmth, the beauty is amazing. “ She saw a man in a black kimono handing out tags , she ran up to him and asked “ Where am I what is this place ? “ He laughed and said ” Oh you’re a cute one aren’t you , you’re in the soul society , it’s like a heaven “ He began to laugh “ Oh Miss , What Is your name . “ Natsuki nodded “ My name is Momoshi , Natsuki “ The Man face flushed with red “ OH , Miss Chihina has assigned you to be sent to a wealthy family , she said it was well deserved “ The man handed her a parchment and she stepped through the door , then she magically appeared on a balcony of a imperial house . “ Whoa, that was dizzying “ A Man came up to her and said “ Miss . Momoshi , Your are late for your first classes “

“ Heh , nice punch Jeeves “ Natsuki giggled and smiled at her butler “ Miss . Momoshi , My name is not Jeeves “ Natsuki smirked and flipt towards him and kicked at him “ What did you say , Jeeves “ Then he flipt back and bowed “ I’m so sorry , Mistress Momoshi . “ Natsuki laughed “ Heh , Jeeves ! I said NO BOWING “Jeeves smiled “ Im Sorry , Mistress Momoshi . “ Suddenly a man with a large white beard steps in reminiscent of Genryusai Yamamoto. “Hmm , you need to tuck in your arms tighter when doing flips , otherwise your skill is exceptional. “ Natsuki turned in surprise “GRANDPA ! “ Natsuki wrapped her arms around the elderly man “I missed you so much “ Grandpa smiled “ I’m sure your talent in Hand to Hand combat , and Kido , will prove useful to the Soul Society , your father has already letter to the soul society of your acceptance .“ Natsuki nods and smiles “Thanks Grandpa , now I can upload my promise to protect those who cannot protect themselves. “

Natsuki begins her new story as a Shinigami, with a quest to help souls find peace , and protect those who cannot protect themselves.
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PostSubject: Re: My character Natsukii :]   Mon Jul 27, 2009 7:14 pm

Approved well done
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PostSubject: Re: My character Natsukii :]   Mon Jul 27, 2009 7:15 pm

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PostSubject: Re: My character Natsukii :]   Mon Jul 27, 2009 7:16 pm

THanks :] * Bobs Head and Smiles *
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PostSubject: Re: My character Natsukii :]   

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My character Natsukii :]
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