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 Admin rules

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PostSubject: Admin rules   Admin rules EmptySun Jul 12, 2009 11:47 am

1 know the rules and enforce them!
its very important you know the rules of the game! the game could go in chaos if you start giving RP initiated groupings out automatically and them people start playing without a bio and spam take no pity on people who work super hard on a biography and don't follow the given template. they should have read the rules.

2 DO NOT ban for no reason.
you hate a certain someone but they did not do anything wrong? is it a good plan to ban them and use your status to get away with it?! NO! that will get you deprived of your admin status.

3 drastic changes without the head admins approval.
lets say you start deleting boards without my approval. can you guess what happens next?

4 deleting posts.
deleting posts for a reason is fine. but not just because you hate them. as long as it has no racism, sexism, coarse language, off topic, or not following the rules of the area it is posted in, you cannot delete it without my permission

5 profile comments.
NO HATE COMMENTS! if you are caught making an offensive comment then you will be in really deep S***. when you comment leave a making that says it was you who commented. and don't mark a hate comment to someone else. whoever that someone else is he isn't a complete idiot.

6 be in your races area.
unless you have a good reason too don't post in a separate race area. use the chat to communicate with other races or if you wanna RP with someone of the opposite race go into the Rp fields. thanks.
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Admin rules
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