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 Sieraku Kousen (Yeah I needed this for a upcoming person)

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PostSubject: Sieraku Kousen (Yeah I needed this for a upcoming person)   Sat Jul 25, 2009 10:59 am

Name: Sieraku Kousen

Age: 100 but looks 16

Race: Shinigami

Mask:His mask is a oni demons but it white and the fangs are longer then the mask which they are red on the mask is what looks to be cracks but the mask itself is really strong his cero is called the "life cero" which uses the life force out of anything around him to make a gaint black cero which he fires the cero itself puts you through the pain of the things he absorbs it from.

Gender: Male

Accessories: none

Personality: He is actually quite kind and dislikes to fight unless he has to He is one of the only vizards that dislikes himself and tries to abandon them for better reasons

Character Description: He is pale white and has a muscalular build and despite his age he is quite intelligent his hair is black and meduim length his eyes are red at times but mostly purple and his cothes is pure black shinigami uniform

Background Information: When he was little Sieraku was always alone due too the fact that everyone thought he was insane and suicidal so no one was ever around him and the reason he was thought insane was because he could hear ghost and see blurred form of them. So one night he was walking and he saw a a blurred form of a hollow so he ran and eventually attacked his physical would soon die but his soul was saved by Soren interruption which Soren had adopted him like a son. So he went through vizard training with soren's approval but soon afterwards he became disgusted with the other vizards when they planned to betray the shinigami so Sieraku left them to join with the shinigami and Soren who had left them for 50 years.

ooc: Sorry I got busy and had to get off XD
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PostSubject: Re: Sieraku Kousen (Yeah I needed this for a upcoming person)   Sun Jul 26, 2009 12:48 pm

well if you are finished
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Sieraku Kousen (Yeah I needed this for a upcoming person)
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