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 Kentaro Suzaki

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Kentaro Suzaki

Kentaro Suzaki

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PostSubject: Kentaro Suzaki   Thu Jul 23, 2009 7:12 pm

Name: Kentaro Suzaki

Age: really 378. looks 20

Race: Shinigami

Mask: none

Gender: Male

Accessories: Has a scar across his face

Personality: Kentaro is a free spirit and likes to make everyone laugh. He is really fun to be around, but can be really foolish, even when the situtation doesnt call for it. Sometimes his foolishness can mean trouble for eveyone around him, and getting him into trouble by his superiors. During missions, he is all about getting the work done and completing the mission as soon as he can. But when his teammates are in trouble, he will choose his comrades over completing the mission, even if it means he will be looked down on.

Character Description: He has yellow eyes and blue hair that come down and covers most of his eyes. Sometimes he likes to put it into a ponytail. He has a gray vest and black pants under his shinigami robe. He tries to personlize his entire person without getting in trouble.

Background Information: Kentaro oddly remembers what he was like as a human. He lived in an average house with his mom, dad and sister. His mom and dad were not home as often as he would like them to be, as they had jobs that had them working in all hours of the night. The only one he could count on was his sister. He was a senior who was held back for two years until he finaaly graduated. He and his sister were driving home until they were hit by a bus, which Kentaro was killed in, but not his sister. In his Shinigami life, Kentaro was born in the 1st district of Rukongai. He was a blacksmith until his village was attacked by hollows. He used his swords that he made and killed them off, but was unable to save his reletives. He wanted to get revenge on the hollows by becoming a shinigami. His beliefs of revenge were overtaken by his wanting to be a better shinigami and protecting instead of killing.
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Kentaro Suzaki
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