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PostSubject: Konmatsuri   Tue Aug 11, 2009 5:14 pm

name: Konmatsuri(this

Element: Darkness + Fire

sealed state description: a double bladed weapon that can seperate

shikai description: a large flame covers my body and darkness surrounds me

shikai summoning chant: Engulf

bankai description: my body returns to normal, but my eyes go black and red

bankai name: bankai


all forms
Black Fire Clone:Allows me to create 10,000 clones made of black fire and if they are destroyed they will blow up and release fire that i am immune to. Also I can use their limbs to regenerate any limbs that are cut off in battle.
Dark Force: I can use darkness to take over someone's mind completely, they have to do what I say or think.
Dark Necromancy: I can bring back a dead or unconcious person and control them or take their power.
Dark Formation: I can form anything out of shadows and darkness.
Form split: I can split into all of my forms.
Eye Powers:#1Mirror eyes:allows me to copy anything used against me with no cost.
which only i can see through and cannot be lightened. Also prevents people from copying my abilities.
Dark Sensing: Allows me to cut off my normal senses and sense what people are doing and saying through the darkness. Also protects me from mind control.

[list the powers your zanpaktou has that can only be used wile the zanpaktou is in its sealed state.]

[list the powers your zanpaktou has that can only be used wile the zanpaktou is in its shikai state.]
Boosts all my powers tenfold, and at night and in darkness i can teleport. I also gain the ability to unlock the darkess in peoples souls and feed on it, making me have some of their abilities, as well as healing my wounds. I can also absorb the powers of the dead.(limited to three)

[list the powers your zanpaktou has that can only be used wile the zanpaktou is in its bankai state.]
boosts all powers a hundredfold
Gives me access to my other forms
Full Dark:
Abilities:Absolute control of darkness, all my abilities relating to darkness gain 5 times the usual power. Can open portal to dark dimension, where no light can pass and no abilities except my own can be used. Also I gain extra summons. And my inner darkness comes out and takes the form of a dragon and the reaper, my inner form, comes out.

Full Fire:
Abilities:Same as with Dark except with fire. Also, instead of a dark dimension, you are sent into the core of a sun, where no ice or water can be used. I gain absolute control over any dragon

Energy Control and absorbtion: I can take the power from everything around me, including abilities and spirit energy, and use it against my opponent or convert it all into one attack... which inclides my power

Vaizard: The Reaper comes out when I'm in Bankai during this
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The Name Stealer

The Name Stealer

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PostSubject: Re: Konmatsuri   Tue Aug 11, 2009 5:45 pm

I call nerf
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PostSubject: Re: Konmatsuri   Wed Aug 12, 2009 3:04 pm

Yeah seriously tone it down then I will approve it let thiggy help you ^^ and as for you kentaro before yu stamp approve read it first
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PostSubject: Re: Konmatsuri   

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