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 Ishpaleum The Reaper

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PostSubject: Ishpaleum The Reaper   Tue Aug 11, 2009 5:11 pm

Name: Ishpaleum, Ishpaleum
Age: over 1000000
Gender: Male
Race: Vaizard

Skin: Caucasian
Clothing: A red cloak
Tattoo's/scars: a scar on his chest
Accessories: he wears a ring on his left ring finger

Personal Information
Origin: in the history
History: Ish was born at the dawn of the Spirit Realm. He was the son of the first human woman and Shinnok, the Tengu King. His father, being the strongest deity allowed in a world, did not want this child, and so disposed of him into the Spirit Realm. It was there he grew, raised in a unforgiving wilderness. He soon found others like himself, and they banded together to form a city. This was the beginning of the Soul Society. There he grew, and eventually became the Head Captain of the guards. His friend, the leader of the tribe, became known as the Soul King. He asked Ish to help rule the Society so he and his descendants could live in peace. Ish accepted happily, and protected the Society with fierce devotion. It was also here that he fell in love, for the first and only time, with a woman named Raven. She was of Shinigami descent (although they were not called so at the time.) His father heard of this, and decided that the child of such a union might be able to oppose him, and so set out to destroy them. To this end, he created powerful beings, which he called Hollows. These were not the hollows you know now, but more like Arrancar. Made to be mockeries of the Shinigami and their nature, they were made to be evil, and totally loyal to Shinnok. They fed off of his power, and one of them were able to slay ten Lieutenant level Shinigami. These were unleashed upon the Shinigami in great numbers. The Captains of the 13 Guard Squads managed to defeat the first wave, and so Shinnok created more, and entered himself. In the ensuing battle, all of the Captains were slain (including the ancestors of many of the characters in Bleach, including a Kurosaki and Kuchiki) with the exception of Ishpaleum. In the course of this battle, he met The Reaper, who offered him his power due to Ish's heritage. He claimed they had a bond, and it would require both of them to defeat Shinnok. In the end, Ish managed to seal Shinnok into his blade. He then buried all of his friends and Raven. With her, he buried his heart, so he would never love again. Later, he would discover that he had a son.(He had no memory of making him, but the resemblance was undeniable.) He took the child, named him Domon, and placed him in a hibernation chamber, using his new powers to implant false memories in his mind. (He had just emerged when you met him the first time.) After training a new generation of Shinigami to defend themselves, he left. As he traveled, he noticed the new, weaker Hollows and realized that they needed Shinnok to maintain their power, so he placed himself as far away as possible. He eventually returned, and his motives, intentions, and actions afterward are mostly unknown. He focused mostly on controlling his Tengu half. Although it granted him more power than he could imagine, it brought his father closer to the surface. At some point, he became a Vaizard to increase his strength.
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PostSubject: Re: Ishpaleum The Reaper   Wed Aug 12, 2009 2:54 pm

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Ishpaleum The Reaper
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