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 Silent Plague

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Deathly Wisper

Deathly Wisper

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PostSubject: Silent Plague   Fri Aug 07, 2009 12:44 pm

name:Silent Plauge


sealed state description:The sealed state of this blade it is a black bladed Rapier

shikai description:In this form the blade does not change but a emerald green robe covers my body and a green clawed gauntlet appears on my free arm

shikai summoning chant:Spread across the land, Silent Plauge

bankai description:The cloak turns inot a old fashioned gentlman's outfit, black and green with a clawed gauntlet on his left arm covering it entirly

bankai name:Silent Jade Plauge


all forms
Disease Touch-Allows the user to use a simple touch of his skin to disease, more potent if using the sword
Eyes of the darkness-Allows the user to close their eyes and see everything around them as it should be
Necro Touch-Drains a large amount of reitsu and life force, can only be used once every fifty posts

Silent abilities-can use abilities without saying a word
Gauntlet Gutter-Using the gauntlet if it scratches the opponent it causes the opponent to immediatly begin to wretch leaving them vulnerable
Cloak of Smog-If an opponent damages your cloak the cloak repairs itself and lets out a smog of darkness and poison blacking out all light temporaraly. (About 4 post)
Dark Manifestation-Capable of creating many things out of darkness
A touch of life-For a short time can give a creature a temporary half life
Silence Touch-The gauntlet has an ability that can cause an opponent to go completely deaf

All previous abilities on a higher level
Assassin's touch-If his gauntlet or blade meets another beings neck they die instantly
Breath of Life-Can bring one person back from the dead every 150 posts
Hell's Duel-A impenitrable dome appears around him and any number of opponents as they are forced to fight him as long as they are in the dome, this dome is immune to all attacks and nothing can breach it
The bell tolls for you-This ability can only be activated at extremely desprate times, by touching his gauntlet and rapier together a chime sound is released and all opponents become deathly ill and paralyzed long enough for the user to escape
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PostSubject: Re: Silent Plague   Fri Aug 07, 2009 1:14 pm

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Silent Plague
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